- "webtemplateprogramming"
To insert useful snippets of scheme into your html use the
web template module:

(use-modules (web template))

create a file which defines a hash-table that holds what the various snippets do. It can be any name but here it's called "htags.scm"

(define htags (make-hash-table ))
;; Initialize command table
  (hash-set! htags 'test
                (lambda ()
                    (format #f "TEST")))

when it's called

load that file from the main file

(load "htags.scm")

Create a file that holds the content (here creatively called "file")

first line <br>
[test] <br>
third line <br>

use an htag by putting the tag in between square brackets.

to bind it all together, use the template:parse function

(display "Content-type: text/html")(newline)(newline)
    (map display (template:parse htags (open-input-string 
          (read-delimited "" (open-file "file" "r")))))